M&MPRO Air Detecto JSM-136 Air Quality Monitoring System

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USA Technologies

M&MPRO Air Detecto JSM-136 Air Quality Monitoring System

Use outdoors and indoors


1. Multifunctional air quality monitoring equipment, built with 4 high-speed, 64-bit sensors. Use internationally-recognized sensors

2. The machine measures the temperature and gas concentration of some substances such as Andehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, PM10, chemical gases, and other chemical components, CO2, CO3.CO, ink, paint. , .vv.vv all detected.

3. The equipment is expertly designed and used for homes, offices, schools, public areas, outdoors, etc.


Monitoring Technology: Natural Gas Detection Technology Operating Temperature Range: -15 - + 30˚C

Screen Mode: Blue LCD + Backlight screen Humidity: 15-90% RH

Product Dimensions: 137 * 66 * 24mm Monitor error: 2%

Power supply: 5V Charging time: 4h.

Measurement data:

Level :

HCHO: 0.0- 0.10mg / m3 / well: 0.1-0.2 mg / m3 / pollution: 0.2-1.0mg / m3 / pollution: 1.0-9.99mg / m3

TVOC: Clean: 0.0- 0.8 mg / m3 / Good: 0.8- 15.00 mg / m3 / Pollution: 15.00- 30.00 mg / m3 / Too much pollution: 30.00-99.99 mg / m3

American technology, genuine origin


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