USA Technologies: We provide a variety of technology solutions in every product, and never stop innovation and creation in order to bring products with the highest quality to market.


About us

MMPRO is a well known American brand that specializes in home and institutional use. Possessing superior features and quality standards, MMPRO's product lines are trusted by consumers. Besides, the elegant styling and harmonious color are also prominent features of this brand. Using MMPRO products, your life will become easier, more comfortable.


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All of M&MPRO- branded products are manufactured on USA Technologies lines, certificated of CE – Conformité Européene, inspected by the top International Certification and Inspection Organization.


M&MPRO Infrared Thermometer TMDT8380



M&MPRO always keep extending the Distribution System. In which, there are now 3 branches and more than 3,000 agents in the country. Beside, we always put the principle of “Quality-Value-Utility” on the top.



M&MPRO commitment is to build a reputable and reliable brand of which the values bring to customer are the most concerned. We provide high-quality, energy-efficiency products which saving for our own customers.