M&MPRO PFT-310 Ultraviolet Radiation Meters

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12 Tháng

USA Technologies

M&MPRO PFT-310 Ultraviolet Radiation Meters

Protect your family from the radiation of the sun.

Product Description.

This ultraviolet UV intensity measuring device with 3D effect, shaped like a keychain. The center section is made of photosensitive material and change color with the intensity of ultraviolet radiation;

To know the UV index, you compare the center circle color to the four quadrant color around;

The circle of photosensitivity in the middle depending on the intensity of UV light from low to high when it comes in will change the color from lightest to darkest color corresponds to four colors around:

1. Weak intensity: UV 1-2 index (protection is not necessary);

2. Medium intensity: UV index 3-5 (need protection: place a t-shirt, sunglasses, hat and sun protection);

3. High intensity: UV index 6-7 (need protection: Place a shirt, sunglasses and sun protection helmet directly);

4. Very high / extreme intensity: UV index 8-9-10 / 11 + (avoid outdoors).

American technology, genuine origin


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