Remote temperature gun

This type of Remote Meter is very useful and useful for electricians, mechanics, construction inspectors, maintenance technicians ...

Thermometers or remote temperature sensors imported and distributed by the New Age can operate in a multifunctional, low power consumption, stable operation and warranty of 12 months.



M&MPR TMDT8380 infrared temperature sensor


In the past, we have received a lot of inquiries from Europe and Europe with the range of up to 1200 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that in previous temperature-controlled applications, full-scale Chinese-based temperature control (CAIs) or failure rates and breakdowns were high, despite the low initial investment costs, In the long run, it costs more and more. Especially interrupting production when the temperature gauge is broken.

M&MPRO offers temperature measurement and special controller solutions for high quality temperature control at competitive prices with Korean, Japanese and especially Chinese manufacturers.

You want to measure the surface temperature of a distant object, high, inaccessible, in harsh environments (overhead pipelines, overheating and life-threatening areas? The device is called a temperature gun.

The introduction of a temperature gun has helped us solve the problem - measuring the temperature remotely without direct contact with the object being measured. This is a smart and useful tool for many people such as electrician, mechanic, construction inspector, machine maintainer ...

With its compact design, easy to use and easy to use, this device creates a sense of security, confidence and mobility for the user.


- car industry.

- The food industry.

- Temperature measurement of cooling system, ventilating fan, heat source.

- Build…



- Temperature range: -50 ° C to + 550 ° C

- Spectral response: 8-14μm

- Display resolution: 0.1oC

- Wavelength: 630 - 670nm

- Laser diode: <1mW

- Size: 146x104x43mm

- Accuracy: ± 1%

- Laser Level: 2

- Weight: 176g

- distance to measuring device: distance (D): point (S): 12: 1

- Adjustable heat emission coefficient e: 0.1 - 1

- Response time: 0.15 seconds

- Power source: 9V battery 

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