Nitrate M&MPRO Greentest Preservative Tester

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Nitrate M&MPRO Greentest Preservative Tester


Fertilizers contain the elements needed for plant growth, which are used to grow the fruits and vegetables of growth. However, the abuse of production techniques, the use of banned fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals, as well as the increase in fertilizer concentrations in the soil can cause serious harm to your health. Of all the substances that are transferred to the soil from the fertilizer, nitrate is one of the most harmful if it exceeds the threshold. Continuous use of high nitrate foods can lead to serious disease risk, especially cancer.

Are you and your family exposed to dangerous agrochemicals daily?

Many farms use too much fertilizer. This may result in the levels of nitrate (base-NO3) that may be present in fruits and vegetables will exceed permissible levels, which are especially dangerous for human health, especially for children.

Nitrates and nitrites in fruits and vegetables: the risk to human health

Most of the people are aware of the health benefits of foods with high levels of pesticides after vegetables and fruits (food, but little attention is paid to the levels of nitrate and nitrite). -NO2) but it is harmful to human health strong.


• Power source: electronic

• How to use: Food safety testing equipment, food testing, fruit testing, fruit and vegetable testing, nitrate (Na2CO3)

• Color: white, black

• User interface languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

• Charge mode: USB

• Included: USB cable, HDSD

• Measurement scope for concentrations of hazardous substances 30 - 9999 mg / kg

• Measurement time ~ 3 sec.

• Measurement error tolerance ranges from 5 to 40%, typically <22.5%

• Power source Li-lon battery

• Pin 250 MA

• USB charging power

• USB 250 series

• 5 V voltage

• Up to 6 hours usage time **

• Size 122 × 52 × 14 mm

• Weight 85 g

• TFT screen resolution of 320 × 240 colors

• Operating temperature 0 ± 50 ℃

American technology, genuine origin


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