Water quality tester M&MPRO TDS

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Water quality tester M&MPRO TDS

TDS water gauge can measure the actual purity of water that is sufficiently conditioned to use or check the water in the aquarium. It is time to replace the water or not .... Especially in the present time. Business shops call pure bottled water for drinking without quality assurance or not, this is an indispensable accessory.

- The TDS pen helps you measure the impurities in your daily drinking water, so that you can adjust the index yourself to the ideal point, which gives you the most A healthy life.
In addition, you can use it in water filtration, sewage, aquaculture, domestic plants, aquariums, aquariums, etc.

- Intelligent Auto Power Off: The meter automatically switches off after 2 minutes of inactivity, saving power consumption and extending battery life.


Display: Large and easy to read LCD display

Measuring range: 0-9990 ppm

In Stock: 27.4g

Color: shiny white

- How to read the parameters displayed on the LCD screen:

0-50 (ppm): High purity

50-100 (ppm): relative high purity

100-300 (ppm): Low purity

300-600 (ppm): will build scale

600-1000 (ppm): bad taste

Over 1000 (ppm): Not drinkable

American technology, genuine origin


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